The Site Goes Live

Well, finally the site is online. It has taken a long time to get this far, but I feel that the time taken has been worth with as it has allowed both me and Inertia to get together exactly what we wanted in the site. Anyway, click the more link for more on our reasoning or have a look around the new site. I hope you like it.

As you look around the site, you’ll no doubt notice that some things are ‘missing’. We took the decision to remove quite a lot of the site for a few reasons. One of the main ones for removing stuff like the guest book is that the facility was being misused. A few people spoiled it for the rest, but that is often how these things happen. The Directory is still there, but I’ve simplified its operation and removed the ability to put HTML tags into the text of them. I’ve also taken out the news posting ability and replaced it with an update ability, which puts a link to the program on the main page rather than a news item.

The main news on the page is now focused more on major events than minor software updates. We decided that we would like to write longer items, and so there would have to be fewer of them. We’ll post news about things that interest us in particular, or that have particular importance in the PDA world. Often both of these criteria will apply to the same news item, of course!

We have also removed some of the other content areas to make the site easier to navigate, so now there are three main areas. These are represented by the links above and are Reviews, Customise and the Directory. We believe that by offering fewer areas, we should be able to provide more content for the areas we have decided to keep (which we the ones with most of the content anyway!).

I hope that the new design goes down well. I’ve tried hard to make a design that is easy on the eye and helps to highlight the content rather than detract from it whilst still leaving the site attractive enough to make you look in the first place. I hope you enjoy looking around the new site.