After some initial confusion delusional realises that the ps-Scribe is a stylus, not someone else to do his writing for him.

The ps-Scribe

In which delusional upgrades his stylus.


The ps-Scribe is a replacement stylus for your Revo. Some people may wonder what use that is, after all you get a perfectly good stylus with the Revo in the first place. However, the ps-Scribe does have a number of advantages over the one you get with the Revo both in usage and appearance.

What’s it like?

The stylus has a metal body with a plastic tip. The metal of the body makes the stylus more robust than the one that comes with the Revo. It also adds weight to the stylus, which seems to improve the register of the stylus by the screen, especially if you have a Revo with quite a lot of give in the screen. The metal has a polished and slightly textured finish, giving it a professional look. It is less restrained than the original stylus, but when it looks this good, who needs subtlety?!

The brightness of the metal also makes the stylus much easier to spot when you forget where you put it. The extra robustness also increases the chance you’ll get it back in one piece!

Does it work?

The answer is yes. As mentioned above, the extra weight seems to improve the registering of the stylus. It also fits the storage slot very well, and doesn’t catch when you slide it in or out.

The stylus is well manufactured. On the review stylus there was very slight evidence of molding on the plastic tip. However, this was nowhere near enough to scratch the screen, and wasn’t noticeable in use.

Is is worth it?

As mentioned earlier, some people will see this product as unnecessary. However, it is a well made product, and is worth the money you pay for it. Therefore it is down to whether you want a better quality and better looking stylus than the one you have. If you lose our stylus, this is a great replacement.

Put another way, after you have used the ps-Scribe for a while, the original stylus seems like a step backward.

ps-theresmore - £9.95

  • Nice looking.
  • Improves registering of taps.
  • Much more robust than the original
  • Could be considered unnecessary.