Nokia Redesigns the Mobile Phone

Nokia have never had any quarms in sticking their necks out when it comes to new mobile designs. The new 5510 model is no exception. This new device looks more like a pocket gaming console than it does a mobile phone, bosting a full querty keyboard for use when texting. Its completely revolutionary design is likely to mean that the 5510 will be an instant success.

Pocket PC 2002 Upgrade for European Users

Eurpoean iPaq owners are now able to join their American counterparts in ordering the upgrade to the Pocket PC 2002 OS. The original page detailing this upgrade proved to be for US consumers only. However, Compaq has now created a page for their European users.

Upgrade to Pocket PC 2002

Media Player 7.1 available for Pocket PC

Microsoft has released its Media Player 7.1 to all Pocket PC Users. This version of Media Player is one of the new applications which makes up the Pocket PC 2002 Edition. This move gives current users the ability to play formats such as Video 8 and is completely skinnable.

Download Media Player 7.1

Linux for the 9210?

The PsiLinux list is currently brimming over with discussion regarding the new 9210 and the possibility of porting Linux to it. Might we soon see the beginnings of a Linux communicator?

For more information, visit the project homepage.

SimCity 2000

Zio Software is porting SimCity, classic of the PC world, for PocketPC. From screenshots we have seen, the game seems to have taken the same graphics set as the original, and is looking very nice. The company is also porting classics such as Need for Speed and Ultima Underworld. All there titles are due around October. We’ll keep you posted.

Zio Software

Siemens hits the communicator market

The Siemens SX45 is the next machine to join a growing line of communicators. The device, which sports 32 Mb of RAM and runs the Pocket PC OS, is likely to be the first color Communicator of its type on the market. The stand-alone product is currently retailing at £658.00 through However, it is available at a much reduced price on contract.


Compaq to offer Pocket PC 2002 Upgrade

Existing Compaq iPaq owners will be able to upgrade the Opperating System on their machines to Microsoft’s recently unveiled Pocket PC 2002. Whilst this upgrade will cost most users $29.95, those buying iPaqs after September 6 2001 will have only postage and package to pay. Maybe a good time to buy an iPaq?

Offer Details

Nokia says GPRS phones are on track

Nokia have confirmed that their GPRS phones, the 8310 (pictured), 8390 and 6310, are on track for their respective release dates. This comes as good news as the phones had already been delayed while Nokia waited for GPRS networks to settle down. The 8310 is thought to have a release date sometime in September, although and exact date has not been confirmed. We have not heard any details on the other two models as yet, apart from that the 6310 will be available sometime in the 4th Quarter.

Nokia Homepage

Microsoft unveils Pocket PC 2002

In accordance with the release of Windows XP, Microsoft has released their update their popular Windows CE Palmtop Opperating System. Pocket PC 2002 sports the same sleek styling which can be seen within XP.

HP buys Compaq

HP has recently announced its aquisition of its business rival Compaq. No name has been announced for this new ‘partnership’ and there are speculations that the company will continue marketing under the separate HP and Compaq brand names. Needless to say however, the move has left many consumers confused as to what will become of the two companies’ respective products lines. Will we see a combination of the Journada and the Compaq, or will the two products co-exist?

Braindock ceases trading

Braindock, one of the main e-commerce sites for the PDA software market has ceased trading. All services are to be taken over by Handango, making it ‘the leading distributor of handheld and wireless software’. Braindock is currently reconsidering it’s position in the market place.

The Site Goes Live

Well, finally the site is online. It has taken a long time to get this far, but I feel that the time taken has been worth with as it has allowed both me and Inertia to get together exactly what we wanted in the site. Anyway, click the more link for more on our reasoning or have a look around the new site. I hope you like it.