Back Again

You may have noticed things being a little quiet. Well, since making my way to Uni, things have been just a little busy here and whilst I have been following the news, I haven’t quite managed to get round to posts. Well, I’m back and I shall do my best to keep you abreast of the latest news!


Well I would post...

But unfortunately at the moment the connection to the net from my room is very dodgy, but hopefully I’ll be back to full fitness (in the web sense) and so I’ll get back to the posting lark then. Well, I’ll try my hardest :)

I’ve been at Uni for a week now, and I’m having a great time. It’s been a bit of a mad week really, falling asleep in strange places and ringing people late at night etc. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…

I’m suffering from the net starvation… bye!


Uni Tomorrow

As you have probably gathered from our comments, especially those on this sites predecessor, PsionStyle, Mike and I are off to Uni in the next couple of days. As a result, things are a bit hectic around here, and whilst he can’t make any remarks as his PC is now boxed, I’m sure Mike is in the same boat. As we’ll both be discovering the wonders of Freshers in the next week or two, chances are that posts will be a little short, if not non existant. Keep checking the site out however, as you never know what news may befall the PDA world!


I have an image!

If you haven’t noticed, I now have an image for my posts. The design is similar to the ones we will finally use to represent which one of us is gibbering at you. Whilst it isn’t the final design, I decided that I had best put in some way of identifying who exactly has written the posts. So here it is. If you hadn’t guessed… I’m supposted to be a skunk. - I hope that isn’t meant to be suggesting something…


No analysis

For now there is no access to the analysis articles, as I’m offline for a while, and don’t have the time to fix the page :)

Sorry everyone, but I’ll do it asap!


Freedom of expression

Well, seeing as Mike (aka. delusional) has stolen all the attention so far, I guess I had better add my 2 cents. This is the new comments section, if you hadn’t gathered that is. A place where you will most likely catch both Mike and I rambling on about our pet loves and hates of the PDA world. Enjoy!


Why the lack of images?

Currently the posts on this page have no images. This is because we are currently deciding on the images we are going to use. We’ve decided upon some representation of ourselves, but you’ll have to wait for the final pictures to appear to see just how were going to do it!


Nice feature in Pocket PC 2002

One of my favourite things in the new version of PPC (Pocket PC) 2002 is the inclusion of Messenger. If the phone networks get their act together (both manufacturers and the networks) and fully implement GPRS and Bluetooth, this inclusion will be great. Just think of having your phone in your pocket and an iPAQ in your hand just chatting on Messenger. Nice.